If Google's New Privacy Rules Have You Ready To Flee, Here's How To Close Your Account

Feeling like you don’t so much want Google to be able to use your information across products, as they announced yesterday with their new terms of service? For those who have just had enough and want to quit, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to cancel your Google account once and for all.

The Washington Post lays out the clear steps you’ll have to take in order to say sayonara for good.

First of all, you might want create a backup of all the info associated with your account, by clicking over to the “data liberation” area of Account Settings. It might take a long time to assemble all that data, so be prepared to wait.

Then on to closing!

The first steps are easy –¬†make sure you’re signed in, then cruise over to Account Settings on the navigation bar on the top of your Google account, and click on “Services” once you’re there.

Then you’ve got options: You can delete your Google+ account, your Google profile or get rid of all the information from your accounts on Google.

If you choose to just clear out your Google+/Profile, you can select certain services to get rid of. If you choose to wipe your whole Google profile, that will also delete your Google+ account.

Going for the big shebang and deleting your entire Google account means you’ll lose your Web history, Gmail and Google Talk data. Then you’ll have to check off the obligatory boxes saying that yes, you realize you are wiping all that information out, you know you have to pay any pending financial transactions associated with your accounts and that you really, really want to delete your account.

One more password entry and boom, you are done. Time to start a new Hotmail account.

How to close your Google Account [Washington Post]

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