San Francisco Airport Opens Free Yoga Room For Tense Travelers

For many travelers, the idea of just going to the airport — and finding a place to park, checking your bags, picking up your ticket, waiting at security, hoping you don’t get the extra-special touchy-feely pat-down, putting all your stuff back together after going through the checkpoint, finding your gate, paying $5 for a bottle of water — is a bit of a stressful situation. So the folks at San Francisco International are opening a yoga room for you to work out all that tension while waiting for your connecting flight.

The room, which officially opens tomorrow but which some travelers have already been using, is free to for passengers. You don’t even have to worry about carrying your own mat, as those are provided free of charge.

“Just to take ten minutes to calmly breathe, look at yourself and stretch out,” one traveler who tried out the yoga room tells CBS San Francisco.

‘Yoga Room’ To Provide Stress Relief For SFO Passengers []


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  1. Coffee says:

    San Francisco Airport: Now with more staph!

  2. Rainicorn with baby bats says:

    How many men will be staring at me while I take my ten minutes?

  3. Spaghettius! says:

    That’s actually pretty great… except the staph and ringworm. I know someone who got nasty, nasty face staph from a used yoga mat. Maybe they can provide paper liners.

  4. Cat says:

    Yogurt? I hate yogurt!

    Oops, reading fail. Sorry.

  5. CubeRat says:

    Does the pretty kitty live there also? Kitty would be much better for stress relief at airport than yoga.

  6. misterfuss says:

    Does anyone know if it is located before or after security?

  7. finbar says:

    I think the smoking room in the Atlanta airport is cooler.

  8. stevgex says:

    Every airport already has rooms just for the tense traveler. They are called bars.

  9. Stannous Flouride says:

    I saw this when I came back from Vancouver, Canada 2 weeks ago. The icon is a picto-person in a lotus position.