$100 Cognac-Infused Bratwurst Takes Haute Hot Dogs To New Heights

It’s a wacky world of wieners out there in the restaurant business, and a new “haute dog” on the scene in Vancouver is shoving aside other fancy contenders to claim the title of most expensive hot dog. Diners can dig into a Dragon Dog at DougieDog Hot Dogs for just $100.

But wait! There’s more — the footlong sausage is made with a bratwurst “infused with century-old Louis the 13th cognac, which costs more than $2,000 a bottle,” says the Canadian Press, via the Huffington Post.

Other high-falutin’ ingredients: Kobe beef seared in olive and truffle oil, fresh lobster and a secret picante sauce. Perhaps it’s a sauce made of edible diamonds! One can only hope, at that price.

DougieDog says their meaty menu item is the first in the world to sell for three figures, out-pricing the current Guinness Record holder, a $69 dog at Serendipity restaurant in New York.

$100 hot Dog: Dougie Dog’s Dragon Dog Infused with Century-Old Cognac, Lobster and Cognac Beef [Huffington Post]


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  1. MutantMonkey says:

    Brats are the respectable Dog.

  2. nicless says:

    I’m not a JFK expert, but was he a hot dog lover? If not, I’m confused as to why in the Related Posts over on the right it shows the “Car Auction Company Says it’s selling off JFKs hearse” article.

  3. mingtae says:

    Is the lobster really necessary?

  4. rpm773 says:

    Mmmm…..Kobe beef cheeks and offals


    • cparkin says:

      Have you ever tried beef cheeks? They’re effing delicious!

      • rpm773 says:

        Actually, I haven’t. At least not non-hotdog form. I’ll keep your comments in mind if I ever come across them

        • tungstencoil says:

          Beef cheeks are AWESOME! BTW, if you’ve ever had barbacoa, it’s typically beef cheeks (and usually the rest of the head too). If you’re a northerner (US), you might hear it referred to as Mexican shredded beef or machaca.


          • rmorin says:

            Too bad people are so averse to certain cuts of meat.

            Tongue, and heart can be good too. I have never had tripe, so I definitely need to get on that.

            • Lethe says:

              No kidding. I recently made chicken soup stock with chicken feet, and told a bunch of people that it made the best soup base I’d ever had. The universal reaction: “Eeew”.

  5. mauispiderweb says:

    Give me a NYC street dog, any day.

  6. Rebecca K-S says:

    What, no gold flakes? I have laid down some serious cash for dinner before, but this just smacks of “expensive ingredients for expensive’s sake,” and that’s boring.

  7. MaxH42 thinks RecordStoreToughGuy got a raw deal says:

    These are so stupid. There are nice, tasty cognacs for well under $50 for a 1.75L bottle, so if this recipe was a good idea, anyone could do it without adding much to the cost. The fact that no one is making this recipe at a more reasonable price point is a good indicator that this is all hype and no substance.

  8. NotEd says:

    Y’know this really makes me appreciate the fancy dogs at Hot Doug’s in Chicago. They’re unique AND affordable.
    If only the line wasn’t so darn long.

    • Rebecca K-S says:

      No matter how long the wait, how awful the weather, how annoying the other members of the line, I declare every visit to Hot Doug’s “WORTH IT!” once I get my dog. So freaking good.

      I’ll pass on the fries, though. Meh, duck fat.

      • IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

        Never been there. I like the little hot dog stand dogs a la Frankly Yours or Gene & Jude’s… even Nana’s is quite delicious. I guess I love it when the greasy fries are rolled up along with the hot dog.
        Comparable? (Suburban girl)

        • Rebecca K-S says:

          Not sure. While Hot Doug’s serves up a great basic dog, what they’re really known for is taking it to the next level with truly gourmet meals on a bun… and serving foie gras.

        • NotEd says:

          Only been the one time (3 hour wait due it being featured on the Food Network, as I recall).
          It was still worth it even if it blew the rest of our afternoon plans.
          Being from the South-west ‘burbs myself I have yet to find a place that compares closer to home.

  9. Cat says:

    I infuse my own sausage at home.

    If you want the best brats, find a local German deli that makes them on-premises. Most of them make a brat that’s way better than whats in the grocery store.

  10. DariusC says:

    You get a world record for selling overpriced hotdogs?

    My god…

  11. framitz says:

    I bet you know where it goes DougieDog, pound it.

  12. Cat says:

    Damn, these would be freakin’ sweet with Grey Poupon!

  13. Snowblind says:

    You are what you eat…

    • Cat says:

      I’m such a pussy.

      • Phil Keeps It Real [Consumerist] says:

        I approve & support the comment above !

      • Hedgy2136 says:

        You really think tha’t necessary here? I’m amazed at the childish behavior of some “adults”. Where’s an ignore button when you need one.

        • Cat says:

          My rebuttal:

          See comment below.

          • Hedgy2136 says:

            This blog is sponsored by Consumer Reports, not Gawker. Would you want your 10 year old child reading that garbage? I’m guessing you’d probably be okay with it, I’m not. If the moderators are going to allow language like that to be posted, the least they can do is post a disclaimer.

            Here’s a consumer issue for you. Why does Consumer Reports allow filthy, inappropriate language to be posted in a blog they sponsor?

            • Cat says:

              “We’re going to snatch that pussy, stick her in a box, and put her on the airplane”
              ~ George Carlin, “7 words”
              There are no bad words.
              They’re only words. They won’t hurt you.

              My kids? I monitor them, and by the time they’re 10, I’m sure they’ve heard much, much worse on the playground. Yours have, too, even if you can’t admit it. You can’t stop them from growing up.

              So, I suppose Fuck is right out then?

              • Hedgy2136 says:

                As a matter of fact, Fuck doesn’t bother me much (and frankly, neither does eating pussy) if used in a constructive way. It seems that often, folks use that language just because they can. There may be a place for it, but I don’t think it’s here.

            • Cat says:

              No, it’s not sponsored by Gawker. But it was a Gawker site.

              You’re new here, aren’t you? Perhaps you should look into the Consumerist history.

              When CR bought Consumerist, they got the whole package, warts, snark, dirty words, attitude and all.

              • Hedgy2136 says:

                I’ve been coming here a lot longer than you have, dumbass. Why do you think I made the Gawker reference?

                • Cat says:

                  I’ve been coming here a lot longer than you have, dumbass. Why do you think I made the Gawker reference?

                  Then get over yourself.

        • YouDidWhatNow? says:

          I agree with Cat. Sorry reality doesn’t agree with you. May I suggest you stay in the house and unplug your computer, lest you accidentally have to interact with the real world.

      • Snowblind says:

        I am a Spotted Dick!

  14. Robofish says:

    Is that the hotdog outside Dairy Queen in Ocean City MD?

  15. ReaperRob says:

    I would like to point at that truffle oil is a cheap truffle-less substitute for the real thing. DougieDog must think we’re chumps.

    • PunditGuy says:

      Regardless of whether it’s a chemical kludge or real truffle oil, why in the world would you sear something with it? It’s for finishing, not cooking.

  16. MexiFinn says:

    I’ve met that hot dog. Bourne, MA.

  17. bbf says:

    Definitely it’s all about the “bling” and the “exclusivity” factor. As somebody who appreciates fine Cognac, it’s just a complete waste of Louis XIII to use it to infuse bratwursts. Also at $1800 for 750ml, I really doubt there’s much “infused” into each $100 brat.

    There’s no way that it can impart anything to the sausage that will survive the grill that wouldn’t be imparted by a less expensive Cognac in Remy Martin’s stable.

    Meh… American consumerism at its worst… in Canada. :-O