Postal Employee Caught With 10 Years Of Stolen Bulk Mail Wants To Keep Job

For 10 years, a Postal Service employee in Texas has been stockpiling massive amounts of bulk mail in her office and home. And even though she’s now under investigation by postal inspectors, the USPS worker says she wants to keep her job.

“People can have mental issues,” the 72-year-old tells MyFoxHouston. “It doesn’t make them crazy; it doesn’t make them insane. It makes them stupid.”

The 36-year USPS veteran says that for about a decade she’s gotten her hands on enough catalogs, mailers and other things you would probably just recycle anyway, to fill up a box truck — each year.

The woman fessed up to the hording after her boss noticed mail piling up in her office and asked her if she had been stashing mail elsewhere. She pointed them to her home and to storage spaces she rented to hold her haul.

“This is a hording problem,” she explains. “I see things in some little piece of paper that maybe I want to read it or save it, and that’s what happens.”

She has been suspended without pay but tells Fox she would “like a second chance… I would like to go back to work. I am ashamed of myself, but I know there is more to me than that.”

72-Year-Old Postal Employee Makes Shocking Confession to FOX 26:

72-Year-Old Postal Employee Makes Shocking Confession to FOX 26 []

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