Recipes For Chipping Away At Various Types Of Debt

Everyone with debt would like to eliminate it, but it’s not always clear where or how to get started. There are many types of debt, and each is suited to a different payoff strategy.

Credit Karma Blog suggests these ways to start wearing away your various debt mounds:

* Credit card. First cut off your spending by trimming your budget to match your income, then channel any savings toward your balance. Because of its typically high interest, it’s usually best to get rid of your credit card debt first.

* Car loan. If your payment is overwhelming, consider selling the vehicle and downgrading to a cheap used car. If you’re clear of high-interest credit card debt, you can shorten your loan term and the overall interest you’ll pay by making larger monthly payments and specifying you’re paying down the principal.

* Student loans. If your loans are subsidized and your rate and balance are relatively low, you should make paying off the balance your lowest priority. If you’ve got enough money saved up to pay it off in a lump some, consider making higher monthly payments instead in order to keep some extra money handy in case you face a crisis.

Spring Cleaning Strategies for Your Debt [Credit Karma Blog]