Disgruntled Comcast Customers Not Happy To Have Cable Commercials Cutting In At Critical Moments During NFL Playoffs

The score — close. The tension — high. It’s a do or die moment in the NFC Championship game, with a trip to the Superbowl hanging in the balance. The fate of the season could be decided by this one play and BAM! Time for a Comcast commercial. Sorry if you wanted to see that field goal attempt.

Trey wrote in to express his disbelief over Comcast’s terrible timing during last night’s NFC Championship game between the San Francisco 49ers and the New York Giants.

As the game approached the final two minutes, and throughout overtime, Comcast repeatedly interrupted the broadcast, often right as a play ended or even while the announcers reviewed a play, to air one of their commercials about switching back from FiOS to Xfinity. At first, it seemed like a genuine mistake the first time, but then it happened multiple times over the span of a few minutes.

At one point, their commercial actually caused viewers to miss a punt by the 49ers during overtime, only coming back in time to catch the end of the Giants first play. Nothing quite like being subjected to repeated commercials for the cable provider that is currently disrupting your viewing experience!

He says this was happening in Alexandria, Va., but after a little digging around on a Comcast forum, found Comcast customers complaining about similar experiences in the Washington, D.C. metro area as well.

I know if my team was in the playoffs I’d have been throwing shoes and cursing whoever was responsible for interrupting my viewing experience. There is no excuse, no matter the programming. Unless it’s Jersey Shore. Go ahead and cut that off.

Trey writes that he knows Comcast gets a lot of attention on Consumerist, and since we’re always ready to stir the pot, chime in if you’ve been having similar problems.

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