3 Ways To Keep That Old, Embarrassing Car Chugging Along

If you want to save as much money as possible on your vehicle expenditures, don’t buy that next car until you absolutely have to. From the frugal perspective, you’re always better off investing in your current car’s well-being rather than dumping payments into its replacement.

The Free Financial Advisor offers these pointers for keeping an older car from giving up the ghost:

* Find a mechanic you trust. This is the key to all your savings plans, because you’ll need to be confident in the legitimacy of your maintenance investments. Take friends’ recommendations and be willing to try a number of different suitors until you’re comfortable.

* Change your fluids and filters. Routine, preventative maintenance will max out the life of your parts and keep everything running smoothly. You may think you’re succeeding in the short term by disregarding your manual’s maintenance recommendations, but you may be causing more problems in the long run.

* Check your hoses. We’re not mechanical experts, but leaks and spills shouldn’t be ignored. Pop open the engine and make sure there’s nothing glaringly frayed or busted, and if you’re not sure, have your trusted mechanic check things out.

5 Steps to Care For an Older Car [The Free Financial Advisor]

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