No Last-Minute Diaper Orders For You, Amazon Mom Members

Many of our readers with kids are fans of Amazon Mom, a program that provides some Amazon Prime free-shipping benefits and an additional 15% savings on subscriptions to products that babies consume a lot of, like diapers and wipes. That’s all ending next week, and you have to subscribe to Prime to continue with the program. Is that worth it? That’s up to you and your family, and depends on how much you spend at Amazon every year. Reader Krystal was surprised when she visited Amazon to get in one last diaper order before the program changes…and saw that the site wouldn’t let her.

About a week ago Amazon sent out a notice saying that after January 24th, if you are not a prime member, you will no longer get the Amazon mom discount on diapers.

Like any frugal person, I went and checked my stash, as I’ve got 2 kids in diapers. Sure enough I am low on the diapers I need (Luvs size 3 & 5, and huggies overnights size 5).

Now I’ve been buying diapers from Amazon for over a year now, and I’ve always had my subscribe & save set to once every 6 months because we use cloth diapers primarily, and it’s unpredictable when we need disposables, whenever I get low, I just click the “Extra Delivery” button.

So I went to do this, to at least get my last shipment of discounted diapers since we don’t have enough for a prime membership right now, and the “Extra delivery” button is grayed out. The kicker? Not only is it not working on the 3 diapers I need, all the other diapers I have saved under subscribe & save including regular Huggies, pampers sensitive and also all wipes are grayed out. The kicker though, anything NOT related to baby in my subscribe and save, is not grayed out at all, and I can still get extra deliveries for.


It’s like a last ditch attempt to prevent those of us from ordering discounted diapers with out signing up for a prime membership.

I’m curious if the “extra delivery” box will work if I upgrade to prime membership.

Amazon Mom now COSTS $79/year! What a racket! [Amazon Forums]

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