Game Company Apologizes For Failure To Upgrade Purchases Without Being Publicly Shamed First

We love the rare instances where a company makes a proactive effort to fix a problem before customers have to resort to a barrage of complaints. In this case, Mojang apologized for an upgrade glitch for Minecraft users, and as reader Derick puts it, “You just gotta love it when a company assumes responsibility for a billing mistake without the need to be publicly shamed first.”

Apparently the glitch occurred on Tuesday, where people buying Minecraft on PayPal didn’t get upgraded to a premium account, which was what was supposed to happen. For those not in the know, Minecraft is all about a virtual world that resembles Legos, where players move blocks of stuff around to make other stuff like buildings, collect stuff to put in those structures and there are also spiders and zombies to fight. Although that’s the extent of our knowledge, players can create some pretty intricate things.

Derick says he received an email from Mojang letting know users what had happened and promising to fix it, reading in part:

This past Tuesday there was a glitch in our system where people who purchased Minecraft through PayPal were not upgraded to premium. Additionally, we don’t have the user info in order to upgrade the accounts manually. We only have the email linked to each PayPal account.

Yesterday afternoon when we realized this, our entire web team got to work trying to figure out exactly what we could do in this situation. We decided the best solution was to quickly refund everyone’s money through PayPal. You should receive an email from PayPal letting you know that your payment is being refunded.

We cannot apologize enough for the frustration this has caused you. We are working to prevent this problem from occurring and also setting up a better support system to help assist customers. We’d like to give you a gift code as a way of apologizing for our error.

Code: ***redacted***

To redeem your code visit and follow the instructions.

We hope you’ll have a great time Minecrafting!
Team Mojang

Too bad other companies wait until customers have to get all sassy to get anything done around here.

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