Sears Sent My Order To Another Company To Deal With & I Got A Cheap Product I Don't Want

Candy got quite a surprise when she ordered one product from Sears, and received something that wasn’t what she wanted from another company, on behalf of Sears. The surprises kept on rolling, when she was told that Sears had wiped its hands of her transaction.

She wrote in, with the entire first paragraph in all caps to express her rage, to say Sears’ practice of outsourcing orders to other companies has her quite peeved, and $77 lighter in the wallet. We’ve done the all caps thing too, so we know how that goes.

Candy quelled her anger for the rest of her story:

I ordered GE Smart Water filters from Sears expecting to get what I ordered. Huge mistake. Sears took my money and outsourced the order to Discounts Direct. They then sent me some low budget filters (I found them for $17.95 each on another site) that claim to be an economical alternative in a box from Amazon and no invoice or contact information for the company.

I paid $77 expecting to get the GE water filters. I called Sears to fix the problem… another huge mistake. Sears put me on hold for well over an hour total, I had to talk to several representatives who clearly could not think independently and kept reading directly from a script.

Finally after insisting on speaking to a supervisor multiple times I was directed to T. who said Sears doesn’t have my funds and I have to go to the other company to get any assistance. The phone number he gave me and the number on the site (same number) go to a phone tree that says to input the extension you are looking for or 00 if you do not have an extension number. Then it doesn’t do anything but tell you they can’t help you at this time and call back later. I tried using the link to send an email and it wont work.

As far as I am concerned this company took my money for a good product, sent me a cheap alternative and Sears refuses to assist or refund my money!!!

Candy thinks this might not happen if you’re ordering an exclusive Sears product, but you never know — stranger things have happened. Probably.

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