Macy's Consumer Protection Department Protects Me By Canceling My Orders

Macy’s is very concerned about Susan. Apparently. She’s not sure why, but their “consumer protection” department has intervened and canceled four of her last six orders, making her lose out on rebates and items that subsequently went out of stock. The reasons for the cancellations make sense on the surface…except that they aren’t actually true. Her phone number matches her credit card. Nothing else should raise a red flag for fraud. Who is Macy’s protecting her from?

I was wondering if any readers had written in to complain about Macy’s “Consumer Protection” department.

Are they on steroids or something?

I’ve placed 6 orders, and had 4 canceled on me in the space of 4 weeks (including one just in time for Christmas — thanks Macys). All the orders (including non-canceled ones) had the exact same information (billing credit card, address, shipping), but some go through and some don’t, including a couple placed on the *same* day.

When I called in to ask what was going on, their favorite excuse was that my phone number didn’t match my credit card (but it did!), and then reinstate the order, minus whatever was no longer in stock — thanks again, Macys.

Their little game of canceling and putting the order back in also cost me lots of cashback money from, a shopping portal that gives me money back when I click through their site to shop at Macys.

At this point, I’m so tired of their “Consumer Protection” that I doubt I’ll buy at Macys unless I absolutely have to. They are just more trouble than it’s worth.

I’ve never had this problem with any other retailer.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else had this same problem.

We checked our tipline logs, and haven’t heard of any other customers with this problem. Has Macy’s tried to protect you from yourself, or successfully protected you from fraud? Let us know.

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