Stranded Snowshoer Burned Money To Help Stay Warm Before Being Rescued

The phrase “cash to burn” takes on a whole new meaning in the case of a stranded snowshoer, who used his dough as kindling to keep warm. While he awaited rescue on Mt. Rainier in Washington, the 66-year-old man spent two nights running in place and setting fire to his money.

The Komo News says searchers found the man on Monday, after he slipped down a slope and became separated from the group he was snowshoeing with. Since he was in the lead, the others had a hard time pinpointing where he fell.

He did have some fire starters with him, so he used those and burned leaves at first. But then it was on to personal items like socks and the aforementioned cash. Only $1 and $5 dollar bills though — no need to light up the big bills.

Rescuers finally reached him using a Sno-Cat vehicle, and then searchers snowshoed to his location, loaded him into a littler, dragged him back and got him into the vehicle.

He’s doing well, and is thankful to the rangers who found him. He’s been checked out by medics and sent home with his family.

Perhaps one reason to carry a lot of cash, at least if you’re liable to get stuck in the snow. After all, credit cards just melt into smelly piles of burned plastic. No help there!

*Consumerist reader Joe — thanks for the tip!

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