Radioactive Tissue Boxes Removed From Bed, Bath & Beyond Shelves – No, Really

When shipments bound for California Bed, Bath and Beyond stores set off radiation sensors at a truck scale, Bed, Bath and Beyond discovered that it had been stocking tissue-box covers mysteriously contaminated with low levels of cobalt-60. The radiation level isn’t enough to cause real harm to humans–the equivalent of a few chest x-rays over the course of a year if you happened to keep them in your bathroom.

The New York State Department of Health removed boxes from four stores, but they could have been distributed to as many as twenty states. If you think you might have one of the affected boxes (see picture) contact Bed, Bath and Beyond at 1-800-462-3966.

The tissue boxes were manufactured in India, and are part of the “Dual Ridge” collection of bath accessories. The question is, where did the radioactive material come from?

Feds say contaminated tissue holders may have been sent to more than 20 states, including NY [Washington Post]

State Health Officials Announce Removal of Contaminated Tissue Box Holders
[NY State Department of Health]

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