Comcast Isn't Sure How Much It Wants To Charge For Xfinity Triple Play

Hey there, new Comcast customers! They’ve got a special deal for you — you can pay $89.99 for your first year of Xfinity Triple Play. Or, wait… you can pay $99.99 for the same thing. Which one would you choose?

Consumerist reader Jason caught Comcast advertising two different rates for what appears to be the same deal.

He writes:

I went to pay my for my over and nonsensically priced Comcast service and saw this on the home page. Xfinity triple play for $89. Then down the page they have they have the same triple play bundle for $99.

Seriously, WTF?

Confusion often reigns when dealing with Comcast, but if they’re offering a few different options, we’ll take the cheaper one, please.