Here’s A Credit Card That Looks To Trap ID Thieves By Making Them Think They’re Clever


We’ve already seen credit cards that generate unique, random security codes every time a card user makes a purchase, so that it would require the buyer to have the physical card on them in order to buy something. But here’s a card that wants the ID thief to think he’s more clever than he is.

First off, the back of the card, created by the folks at NagraID, has a bogus standard, printed security code that simply won’t work and will trip off the card issuer that someone is trying to use the card for illicit purposes.

And to generate the actual random security number, the holder needs to punch in a PIN to the keypad on the front. If the PIN is entered correctly, all is good. If it’s entered incorrectly, the user doesn’t get an error number, but instead is given a security code — a security code that will put up a red flag for the card issuer.

So even though the ID thief thinks he’s been successful in figuring out your PIN, he’s actually just gotten himself caught.

Thanks to Lee M. Cardholder for letting us use his card!

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