Comcast AnyPlay: For When You Must Watch TV In The Bathroom

At last we know what that guy is doing with his tablet computer in the bathroom in that razor commercial: He’s watching cable streamed from his Comcast account via the company’s AnyPlay iPad app.

The AnyPlay app, like Cablevision’s Optimum app, lets subscribers stream their cable programming to an iPad — but only within their home. That means you can watch the channels you subscribe to in a TV-free room or adjacent outdoor space — or the bathroom — but can’t take the streams with you when you leave the house.

When Cablevision rolled out its Optimum app last year, the company was met with a lawsuit from Viacom over its streaming of the latter company’s networks. The two companies later settled the suit for undisclosed terms.

AnyPlay is currently only available to Comcast Xfinity subscribers in Denver and Nashville, though the company says it plans to expand access “in the coming months.”

AnyPlay Brings Live TV to the Tablet [The Official Comcast Blog]

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