One Man's Plan For An All-Out Attack On His Excess Baggage

Some weight loss experts warn against sudden, drastic changes in lifestyle and diet to try to lose weight, but there’s no restrictions on the results that determination and careful planning can yield. Those who have already given up on New Year’s resolutions to lose weight may find inspiration in people who are making sweeping changes.

Financial Samurai is angry that a weight chart tells him he’s several pounds over his ideal body weight, and has vowed to assault his body fat on several fronts in a relentless attack.

His plan includes:

* Exercise 30 minutes for every two hours spent writing. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to weight gain, so he’s going to break up his desk jockey routine with physical exertion.

* Eat slower. If you keep stuffing food into your maw at a rapid pace, you’re not giving your body enough time to decide whether or not it’s still hungry. By slowing down, he hopes to eat less.

* Become almost half-vegetarian. Giving up meat is crazy, but Financial Samurai plans to compromise and become almost half-crazy by resolving to eat vegetarian 3 days a week, or two out of every five meals.

The goals are admirable, and the writer seems bent on following through. If you have similar aspirations, you can use his progress as a measuring stick as you try to follow along.

The Ideal Body Weight Pisses Me Off [Financial Samurai]

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