Budget-Breaking Add-Ons That Accompany Big-Ticket Buys

The excitement of buying something big and expensive can drain quickly when you find out you’ll have to buy a lot of other stuff to go with it. Before you buy a big-ticket item, you should make sure you’ve accounted for its full expense by researching the accessories you’ll need to get the most out of your product.

Young And Thrifty points out costly purchases that keep on piling the expenses:

* Computers. If you no longer have your old software installation discs and codes, you’ll probably have to re-buy them for your new rig. Laptops demand carrying cases, and you may want to upgrade the bargain-basement mouse and keyboard that come with desktops.

* Game consoles. They often come with only one controller, so you’ll need to spring for extras unless you plan on going solo. You may want to look into a headset and charging station for your controllers, as well as an HDMI cable if you want to play in HD. And don’t forget the games.

* HDTVs. If you’re upgrading to an HDTV, you’ll need HDMI cables to connect any HD devices. A sound system and an HD service and equipment upgrade may also be in order. Also, a wall mount and installation don’t come cheap.

Sure, Save Up for the Big Ticket Items- But Don’t Forget the Extras [Young And Thrifty]

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