How To Win At The Airport Pick-Up Game

Picking someone up at the airport is a true show of care and dedication, because it’s such a hassle with so much potential to cause frustration. Here are some tips to make the selfless act a bit easier:

* Don’t leave too early. Timing your arrival to the exact moment the plane lands is poor form. Remember that it takes a while to get off the plane, pick up baggage and maneuver through crowds to exit the building. If you live about half an hour from the airport, you may as well have the person you’re picking up text you when they land.

* Check for delays ahead of time. If there’s a problem with the flight schedule that you’re not aware of, you can get stuck in limbo waiting around at home or the airport. Sites such as FlightView let you know quickly whether or not a flight has been delayed.

* Don’t park. There’s no need to pay for parking when you know when your friend will be there. Arrange to meet at a curbside. If you get there too early and security won’t let you wait, drive off-site, wait a few minutes and then come back.

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