Banish The Annoyance Of Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake wrappers are a necessary evil at best. When you tear them off, they cling to bits of your treat, forcing you to either debase yourself by nibbling the crumbs off the insides or be wasteful and throw them away. But clever cooks do away with the tyranny of the cupcake wrapper by replacing them with something edible.

Kiboomu suggests baking cupcakes directly inside of ice cream cups. You’ll need your batter, a muffin tin and a package of cups. Just pour the batter into each cup, bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes and you’ll have some wrapper-free goodies to pass around at the office or parties.

Bake Cupcakes in Ice Cream Cones [Kiboomu via Lifehacker]


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  1. Rebecca K-S says:

    Option two: just don’t use liners.

    • webweazel says:

      I’ve used those little individual silicone baking cups placed on a cookie sheet. They work pretty good, no liner needed. BUT- they are a real pain in the ass to clean afterward.

    • mszabo says:

      I’d say the functionality of the liner isn’t to prevent them sticking to the pan. The primary function is moisture retention so they still taste fresh the next day (assuming the tops are frosted). But if you intend to eat the whole pan the same night, then sure no liner needed.

    • kouotsu says:

      Option 3: don’t use paper liners!

      I use foil liners for all my muffins/cupcakes. 1: They can stand on their own so you don’t even need a cupcake pan, 2: they pretty much don’t stick at all

  2. IT-Princess: I work in IT, you owe me $1 says:

    Option three: Stop eating cupcakes all you fatties.

    Just eat the frosting and cake mix with a spoon.

    • StarfishDiva says:

      Mmmmm…… it’s accelerated obesity, how efficient!

      I want me some cake batter NAO!!! OM NOM NOM

  3. CPENinja says:

    This is a neat idea with two problems:

    1) Those cones do NOT stand up well, and cupcakes are meant to stand up.

    2) Baking a cone will have non-delicious effects on its flavor

    My fiancée got into cupcake and cake decorating this past year, and we learned quite a bit about frostings, mixes, batters, and liners. I think the biggest problem with cupcake liners stems from the fact that people tend to buy the cheapo ones from their local grocer. These liners are actually pretty bad in terms of quality. Sturdier liners that you can buy online for a few pennies more remove 75% of the issues I had with them overall. Plus you get a better variety.

    I highly recommend everyone get into cake and cupcake decorating. Mostly because mistakes are delicious.

    • Nonbuyer says:

      My mom used to do this all the time when I was a kid, never had issues with the cones not standing or with the flavor. Indeed, cones that have been baked with cake mix makes the cone more awesome, if I do say so myself.

  4. Leela says:

    Advice that is so 20 years ago. Plus, CPENinja is right. They don’t stand up and don’t taste good post-baking.

    • ProfessorLazloHollyfeld says:

      Agree with the age of this advice. Cupcake-cones were a fixture at most bake sales in the 80s.

      Diagree with the lack of potential tastiness. While they can get a bit soggy when baked, I’ve gotten into the habit of baking a glaze onto the cones before putting the batter in. They stand up to the baking and result in cones that remain crispy (not to mention dispensing with the soggy cardboard taste of untreated cones). I hope some hipster baker type takes this knowledge and runs with it. Assuming they can figure out how to make a cupcake that isn’t completely gross. Stupid hipsters.

  5. flipflopju says:

    This makes you sound like one of those people on an infomercial who can’t even open a cabinet without dying.

  6. Jules Noctambule says:

    So not a combination of textures I enjoy.
    Just let the cupcakes cool completely before you try to take off the wrapper! Maybe it’s the kind I use, but when they’re still warm is the only time there’s any sticking.

  7. DENelson83 says:

    But doesn’t that just turn them into pies?

  8. pixiegirl says:

    I had no idea cupcakes were so hard. . .

  9. Portlandia says:


  10. RayanneGraff says:

    I honestly don’t know anyone who eats enough cupcakes for this to be a problem.

  11. spokanekim says:

    Eat the cupcake wrapper!! I have been eating cupcake wrappers for 30 years – it’s like chocolate flavored gum covered in cake – delicious! My sister and I have always done this and didn’t realize it was weird until adulthood. I am speaking of homemade cupcakes only though – not sure if I would trust eating the wrapper of a purchased cupcake.

    • duncanblackthorne says:

      I would not want to be your colon.

    • rdaex says:

      … know, some foods have wrappers. If you unwrap the item, you can eat the stuff thats inside. Such as: Tortilla chips, hard candies, popcorn, chewing gum, pretty much every other item in the supermarket.
      WTF… eating the wrappers? Slow down Jabba

  12. cruster says:

    I think I signed into the wrong website. Consumerist does cooking tips now?

  13. duncanblackthorne says:


  14. Mulva says:

    The cones get soggy after a day, so be sure to stuff your face with as many as you can before tragedy strikes and your cupcakes sag.

  15. bigTrue says:

    Look, I know I’m weird, but the Best part of the cupcake for me is eating the wrapper. That waxy paper mixed with a coating of cake niblets turns into this gummy cake ball in my mouth for a minute.

    I also eat Starburst with the wrappers still on.

    • rdaex says:

      WTF!? youre now the SECOND person to say this.

      I think you both should be on My Strange Addiction

    • XianZomby says:

      I eat the cupcake wrapper too. And the core of an apple and a pear. EAT THE WRAPPER! I hate the foil ones becasue you can’t eat them.

  16. Outrun1986 says:

    I have bought the cheap liners and this has not been a problem at all, you will always have crumbs on the liner but again this isn’t a big enough problem for me to stop baking cupcakes. The cupcakes didn’t come out gross or anything and crumbs on the liner is to be expected and my recipients of the cupcakes really don’t care if there are crumbs.

  17. ProfessorLazloHollyfeld says:

    At the risk over overanalyzing this approach, it should be noted that it’s much easier to under fill the cones, as the rising batter tends to wreck the cone if it bubbles over. Since you’ll rarely get a proper “scoop” shape, it’s best to make a separate cup cake to jam on top – all the better if you have a rounded mold. The best part is that if you go to all of the trouble needed to make cupcake cones truly delicious, your obsession will have driven off all of the people you might otherwise be forced to share with.

  18. daemonaquila says:

    Bad idea, no cookie.

    1) This works like crap. They don’t stand up in the tins, and you don’t get proper cooking – but you do get a very over-toasted cone.

    2) Really, is a paper liner such a problem? (I vote to send this “problem” straight to

    3) If the answer to the above question is yes, then buy reusable silicon liners or do without. Really, cupcakes bake fine without any liner at all – you just have to properly grease and flour a non-rusty/scratched tin.

  19. Saltpork says:

    I know this won’t win me any points, but…why eat cupcakes in the first place?
    A cupcake is the equivalent of a child size cake portion. If you’re going to have cake, have cake.

    I guess I don’t get it. I’m also not a sweets person.

  20. impatientgirl says:

    This doesnt seem like a Consumerist article, and yet I keep seeing Consumerist all over the page….

  21. leihei says:

    I have reusable silicone cupcake liners. They were less than $5 for a set of 6. Problem(?) solved.