Top Posts Of The Week And Open Thread


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  1. pecan 3.14159265 says:


  2. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    The fiance LOVED the Kindle Fire. Yay me for being an awesome gift-giver.

    • DJ Charlie says:

      You too?

      Got the wife a new motherboard for her desktop system (power surge killed the old one a few weeks ago), bought myself a box of lovely cigars (my only vice, but a box will last me a year, easily), and for the daughter, an original mint-in-package Dynaclone (pre-Transformers) Soundwave action figure from 1984. The look on her face was absolutely priceless!

  3. MaytagRepairman says:

    We have small red-ish squirrels like this one and larger grey squirrels. Between the 2 species there is hardly a bird feeder they can’t get into. There was an article this week in the Seattle Times about a lady who traps the grey squirrels in her yard and eats them. Having grown up in the midwest with a father who regularly hunted and ate squirrels, I get a chuckle out of this and wonder if it will become the new urban fad.

    • larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

      I was just watching one of the gray squirrels outside trying to climb up the bird feeder pole. Actually, the climbing was successful, but the squirrel baffle stymies him every time. But he keeps trying. Someday I expect that I’ll be watching while he holds on with his tail and swings his body ’round to be able to grasp the top side of the baffle with his wee li’l claws. But I gotta say, if he does that, I’ll be happy to give him all the bird seed he wants, he’ll have earned it.

    • Jane_Gage says:

      Where my friend teaches there are black squirrels. Never seen them anywhere else.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDave‚Ñ¢ says:

      In NJ, they needed to release a memo to cut back, for fear of heavy metal poisoning if you eat them a lot.

  4. DJ Charlie says:

    Good lord what a week it’s been!

    4 trips to the hospital over the holidays (with my cardiologist out of town, no less!), and I look like I’ve been hugging porcupines. The hospital called in 2 other cardios, and they both say I need a pacemaker NOW. But, stubborn as I am, I’m waiting on MY cardio to get back on the 3rd to see what he says.

    On top of that, a minor coup at the radio station. A staffer decided HE should be in charge of the station, and when I said no, he left to make his own station (with hookers and blackjack!), and took 2/3 of our people with him (promises of outrageous bonuses for each show they do, which there’s no way he can do that).

    In good news, I found a reliable mechanic who can fix up the Lady (my van, formerly an ambulance) for a whole lot less than any of the local garages.

    So how is everyone else?

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Damn, that is a busy week.

      What kind of radio are you doing, and how is it someone can just up and created their own commercially-viable radio station on the fly? Further, what system allows a random staffer to arbitrarily decide they should be in charge? Is this Commune Radio? Socialist Radio? This whole thing interests me to no end.

    • McRib wants to know if you've been saved by the Holy Clown says:


      Holy crap dude. That’s quite the uber-week you had there.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      You been busy!

      A good reliable mechanic is worth his/her weight in gold. They are SO hard to find. I think I found one; not only are they close to my home and work, they have a thing where if you’re stuck they deal with a local towing company to tow you to their place and you pay for it when you pay your bill. :)

  5. McRib wants to know if you've been saved by the Holy Clown says:

    The giant gray pigs that pass for squirrels in my yard would rough that cute little red squirrel up for all it’s lunch money.

    • CrankyOwl says:

      Our squirrels are not particularly large, but they’re smart. I saw 2 of them using the crosswalk to get to the other side of the street once. And yes, cars stopped for them.

  6. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    So, yeah, stuff is going on, things aren’t great but better than the could be. Still single, still bored, still whatever.


    My New Year’s plans are so sparse that if I do anything, it would wrap up before midnight anyway.

    • Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:


      I took a listen to the new Korn and I have to say even with the new spin it’s not an album that you should listen to straight through. It was a lot more enjoyable when there were two or four completely different songs in between their own. I did enjoy narcissistic cannibal though.

      Sorry to hear that you’re bored :(

      • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

        There you are! I’m here much less (I’m no longer alone in my office all the time).

        You are right, it’s a bit much straight through, I have it on shuffle with a mix of other music (such as Five Finger Death Punch, Pendulum, The Prodigy, Neil Daimond, Childish Gambino…a variety lol).

        Happy Everything to you too! Let’s go out New Years ;)

        • Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:

          Yeah, I’ve tappered off the commenting, the holidays and everything. We’re like two ships passing in the internet night!

          Indeed, mixing it up with a whole bunch of other stuff is great. I mean, it’s Korn, so, it doesn’t necessarily appeal to me like it used to, but there are gems in there. I love that Feed Me was on one of the tracks.

          It’s a plan, my man, let’s go out and rock it without socks on.

          • AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

            No socks? I like when my ladies are risk takers ;)

            • Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:

              NO SOCKS.

              I might even take the paper bag off of my head too.

              Just for you, baby.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:


      You’ll survive. You don’t want to be out among the beasts on NYE anyway. I feel ya though. I have a sweetie and NY is our anniversary but we are 1277 miles away from each other so I’ll have to settle for watching a movie together over MSN or Skype and then a text or two while he hangs out with friends. GAAAAAH!!!

  7. Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:

    Swamped and alone at work. Just how I like it.

  8. El_Fez says:

    It’s a touch early, but I’ll toot my own horn here anyway. Woot! Birthday in 2 days!

    *happy dance*

  9. KarenNfld says:

    Thanks for using my photo! It’s a Red-Tailed Squirrel, the only kind we have here in Newfoundland. None of those big black or grey ones here.

  10. KB Foodie says:

    So on Wednesday I made a funny (ok, maybe lame) wwebsite as on the internet status message on fbook… apparently very few of my friends are up on the interwebz. I got a bunch of comments asking if I was drunk. *facepalm*

    • Wasp is like Requiem for a Dream without the cheery bits says:


      No, you just work in Public Relations.

      Are you 38 by any chance?

  11. DJ Charlie says:

    On a side note, I’m in the market for a car alarm for the Lady. I don’t need keyless entry or anything fancy like that, just a basic alarm system. Any recommendations, or brands to avoid?

  12. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    love the squirrel, i was wondering where all the rodents were.

    i have a roommate! it’s not a financial decision, it’s a friend just out of a bad divorce, with nowhere to go, who already owes me some money [better to get her car repaired than drive her around] and we are working on a payment schedule.
    still got to write up a lease and loan terms and stuff for the protection of both of us.
    any suggestions?

    and i’ve known her half my life and worked with her for a few years so i know she’s not going to screw me over intentionally. her work ethic and sense of honor are too strong for that.
    but otherwise, yes, this would be a poor life choice normally.

    ongoing wildlife issue: the raccoon is not only not afraid of being shot in the face with ammonia but it’s fascinated with the drinking fountain my sister gave me [my cats] for the holidays

    • BrightShopperGettingBrighter says:

      Use the internet to create some generic documents. Both of you should sign with an impatial notary present, and get the documents stamped. It will a cost a few bucks, but the notarization will be helpful in small claims court.

      Think of all loans to people as gifts and all roommates as guests that don’t expect to pay. With that in mind, build your documents knowing what is at risk. If your friend starts “borrowing” your car, etc you won’t have recourse unless well documented. If your roommate is not guest material, as in you’d not let her do any variety of things that good friends/guests might expect, make sure you document items as well and have her sign off on it.

      Good luck and have fun. It’s nice to have a friend to hang out with, it’s nice that you are providing a safe and welcoming place through a life change.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        she did the dishes three days in a row of her own volition. i’m the slob and neglectful one. i just make good money and own the house.
        so there’s some balance there.
        and she’s always been a great houseguest in the past. we’re trying to avoid the car borrowing thing by fixing hers. i’m really hoping it doesn’t happen because i can’t afford to put her on my insurance

    • CrankyOwl says:

      Is the raccoon still using the cat door to get inside your house, or is it just hanging around outside these days?

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        cat door. when i can get all the cats in i can lock the window that it’s in and move the screen with the cat door installed in it out of the raccoon’s reach but that doesn’t happen every night.

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      Make sure you have a clear agreement – preferably written – about chores and guest policies. I’ve had problems with that with roommates in the past. I ended up doing ALL the chores or running into half-naked boyfriends in the bathroom in the middle of the night. Bleah.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        oh, i’m the slob here. trust me, she’s much more likely to do chores than i am

        • HogwartsProfessor says:

          LOL!! It’s still a good idea to include something about it, so you both are clear on who handles what responsibilities.

          That’s why I could never live with my mother again. She is a neat freak and I am very casual. She would drive me nuts.

    • Jules Noctambule says:

      I think it’s time to name the raccoon Harold and leash-train the little bastard.

      • CrankyOwl says:

        And get “Harold” to sign a lease too!

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        i am unable to determine the gender of the raccoon so we have settled on the gender neutral descriptive appellation: “Fat Bandit”
        and no, i have no intention of looking under the tail to find out

  13. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    I bought myself a Nook Color on Boxing Day. Now I am very cautiously dipping my toe into the hacking pool. I just want to use the ability to load a different version of Android from the SD card, and otherwise have the base unit untouched. It’s supposed to be easy, but I’m finding that the discussion sites assume a level of Android knowledge that I won’t have until I actully make this work. Which I can’t do until I have that level of knowledge. Which I can’t get until I make this work. ad infinitum

    I suppose this will keep me off the streets this weekend.

    • AstroPig7 says:

      I’ve had mixed experiences with the Cyanogen mod. It runs nicely when it isn’t crashing the system for no apparent reason.

  14. Ratty says:

    Christmas was awesome.

    I got my first tattoo yesterday!

  15. Thyme for an edit button says:

    My SO gave me a Kindle Touch for Christmas. I looooove it!

    • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

      I went in with my friend’s husband and got her a Kindle.

      My friend with in with her husband and got me a Kindle.

      He spent much of early December talking with us individually about “the e-reader for the other,” essentially grilling us about the device we wanted for ourselves. XD

  16. HogwartsProfessor says:


    Why can’t we go home? No one is calling. I have squat to do that can’t wait until Tuesday.

    I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Mine was pretty good., I spent the whole day in my pjs watching movies. :)

    I got some presents (my mom hasn’t brought/sent her ones yet, even though I told her not to get me anything). From my honey I got some sweets, a book and some DVDs I wanted. He pays attention. :)

    From my family I got:
    –a pair of over-the-boot skating tights (I asked for them!)
    –my sister’s old iPod Classic (YEEAAAAHHH!!!). She got an iPhone and didn’t use it. She said it was barely used and asked if I wanted it. Um, free iPod? Yah huh!

    It has 30 GB on it and I put a crapton of music on and still have a ton of room. Imma put some videos on it so I can watch them at my doctor appointment next week when they make me sit there for 64026546132121.4346550654 years. :)

    New Year’s will kinda suck. It’s our anniversary and we can’t be together. Plus he has stuff to do and I don’t, except for the cleaning out of my back room. Pleah. Oh well.

    Overall I hope 2012 is better than 2011. It seems everything that could break broke, and I seemed to have started a new career as a petri dish, since I caught every single virus that came my way!

    • Not Given says:

      I got cash and 2/3 of my Amazon wishlist, now I need to look on the internet for more stuff to put on it.

  17. Jules Noctambule says:

    Sent out my last work-related package of 2011! Sales were down in number but higher in revenue, so that’s all good. Our new cat is slowly adjusting to the concept of this not being yet another foster home (her first foster home decided to quit fostering abruptly and a lot of kitties had to be moved around) and is gradually becoming more and more affectionate.

    We’re celebrating the end of a pretty fair year in culinary style: Lobster with genmaicha browned butter, roasted butternut squash mac and cheese, pan-roasted Brussels sprouts with pine nuts, lemon zest & Parmesan, all washed down Champagne and followed by an assortment of sweets served with blood orange & vodka cocktails. I don’t often get to go all out with the cooking so when I can, I try to go big. Happy new year to everyone!

    • HogwartsProfessor says:

      Whoa! Sounds delicious! Happy New Year to you too!

      I’ll do the dishes if I can have a bite…. XD

  18. momtimestwo says:

    Thank you for the post about Roku. I had never heard of it before, and because of the thread I ended up buying 2 of them. And I’m one step closer to ditching the cable habit. My daughter loves Crunchyroll, and since I’m a Prime member, I can now take advantage of all the TV and movies available.