The Tasty Lies Behind Your Favorite Convenience Foods

There are a number of criticisms you can make about frozen meals and chain takeout: poor nutrition, factory farming, and wasteful packaging. Most Americans don’t care about that, though. What they want to know is: does this meal look anything like the photo on the package? Does it taste like beef-flavored cardboard? Is the portion big enough to keep me from running to the break room vending machine by 3:00? For them, the convenience food blog Tasty Lies exists.

Here, for example, is their package/reality comparison of an Aunt Jemima brand frozen breakfast that includes scrambled eggs and bacon:



The reviewer gave this meal three and a half stars, noting:

It tasted pretty good. Some of the eggs were a little dry and the hashbrown wasn’t really crunchy at all…But you expect that with a fried potato in a microwave. The bacon was pretty perfect. Not rubbery at all, also not burned to a crisp. Good on them.

Tasty Lies [Blog] (Thanks, Simon!)

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