Site Calls Out The Year's 10 Most Disingenuous Movie Critics

Movie studio marketing departments like to present the image of prestige by plastering movie ads with quotes from rave reviews. The problem is, sometimes your movie is Transylmania, a film without a single positive review according to Rotten Tomatoes. That’s where so-called quote whores come in. Studios allegedly trade trips to promotional junkets and access to interviews with stars in exchange for positive quotes about terrible movies.

Erik of eFilmCritic — my Online Film Critics Society colleague — dutifully tracks the number of head-scratching quotes each alleged whore racks up during the year and hails the top 10 offenders in an end-of-the-year blowout.

The ludicrous nature of the quotes the article identifies makes for a fascinating read. Even when the films identified aren’t awful, the hyperbolic praise is remarkable.

A sampling:

“Best sequel ever.” (The Hangover Part II)

“Dane Cook is at his best.” (Answers to Nothing)

“The best Resident Evil yet!” (Resident Evil: Afterlife)

“Riveting, an unforgettable experience. This year’s most ravishing romance. A tender and terrific film full of surprises, star power and smoldering passion!” (Water for Elephants)

“A laugh riot that ignites the screen with sexiness.” (Transylmania)

Click the source link for the list of “whores” and more rip-roaring fun quotes.

Criticwatch – The 2011 Whores of the Year [eFilmCritic]

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