Not-So-Secret Santa Picks Up $16K For 1,000 Shoppers' Holiday Layaway Items

Call it holiday cheer or call it the best bandwagon we’ve ever seen, but yet another kind-hearted consumer has plunked down cash to make the season a bit brighter for his fellow humans. A man in Laguna Beach, Calif. shelled out almost $16,000 of his own money to pay for layaway items of 1,000 Kmart shoppers.

David called up the store last week and asked if they would kindly tally up the items on lawayay that cost less than $100, reports L.A.’s local CBS news. He proceeded to send a check to the store for $15,916.61 to pay for all of the gifts on that layaway list.

The store manager had the fun job of calling up customers over the course of four days and revealing that their item was on layaway no more, thanks to the generosity of a stranger.

Even more strangers joined in the giving, donating an additional $8,000 to the Kmart to pay for more layway items.

As trends go, this one has been a fantastic one to witness this season, as Consumerist reported a mystery shopper doing so few weeks ago at another Kmart; a woman and her husband who paid off tabs at discount stores; a family handing out cash and buying items for strangers at Goodwill and then the unfortunate case of the Walmart that wouldn’t allow would-be do-gooders to pay off others’ layaway items.

“Layaway Angel” Picks Up $16K Tab At Costa Mesa Kmart [CBS L.A.]

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