Actually Read Your New Gadgets' Manuals: Leave Them In The Bathroom

Whether you’re receiving them as gifts or picking them up at a discount in the fabulous end-of-year sales, a lot of you will be acquiring shiny new gadgets in the next few weeks. A lot of gadget problems can be solved if you actually read the manual in the first place, but who has time for that when there are packages to unseal and exciting new buttons to push? A Redditor has a novel suggestion that solves this problem: you’ll have time while sitting on the toilet, so leave the manuals to your new devices in there.

TopHatMcMonacle elaborates:

Then read them little by little. Within a day, or several days, you’ll understand the new item’s functions without having to have dedicated an afternoon for study.

LPT For Bathroom Readers: Put new product manuals in the s—ter. (via Lifehacker)

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