Online Florist Garden Of Discontent: The Christmas Shrub

Erica’s boyfriend is the type of exceptionally thoughtful person who sends his girlfriend’s mom flowers for Christmas. It’s a nice arrangement, with the greenery arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree and decorated with candy canes. Or, in the case of the arrangement actually sent, a roundish shrub.

I’m sure you get a lot of messages like this during the holidays, but my boyfriend thoughtfully sent my mother flowers, and attached is what she received vs what he ordered. It was supposed to be a tree-shaped arrangement, and she essentially received a shrub. They bear a slight resemblance, but not much. My mom still likes and appreciates them, but still… We just initiated contact with the company, but hopefully they will give some kind of refund.

Well, it’s not all bad: the ribbon used in the actual arrangement is prettier than the one in the photo.

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