4 Ways To Appear More Confident And Successful

Your appearance may not always help you get what you want in your career, but it can certainly hold you back. Make a poor visual impression on others and they could look down on you for superficial reasons that transfer over to other aspects of the way they see you.

Advising readers to invest in their appearance, Fabulously Broke in the City offers a few easy steps to make yourself look more on top of things:

* Get a haircut. Your most notable feature is probably one you pay significant attention to once a month or so. Maybe you can do better.

* Make your fingernails look decent. Dirty, scraggly nails won’t do you any favors when it comes time for handshakes.

* Exercise. Regular physical activity pays dividends both physically and mentally. You know how you can usually look at someone once and tell whether or not they work out? Be the person who is an obvious exerciser.

* Stand up straight. Posture projects confidence and strength. Force yourself to develop decent posture in hopes it becomes a habit.

Invest in Your Appearance [Fabulously Broke in the City]

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