What To Do If You Get Stiffed On Promotions And Raises

The promise of more money and a step up the career ladder keep you busting your hump at work. If the reward doesn’t come to you while others pass you by, it can test your professionalism and potentially send you into the downward spiral of a disgruntled worker. The way you handle the adversity will determine whether or not you ever achieve your career goals.

A post by personal finance blogger Financial Samurai at Yakezie offers a template for twisting your disappointment into motivation. Here are some tips:

* Don’t whine. If you feel there was a promise that went unfulfilled, you may feel like lodging a complaint to upper management or the HR department. Take a breathe and question whether making such a wave will truly help you in the long run.

* Get expectations in writing. If a manager is promising you financial rewards for hitting certain goals, get a written record of the promises and acknowledgments of your achievements as you earn them. Assumptions and understandings can easily lead to disappointment.

* Move on when the time is right. Getting passed over is a sign that your dreams of landing the corner office at your current company will go unfulfilled, but quitting in a huff will hurt you far more than it will your employer. Organize your contacts and resume and take the right opportunity, not the first one that comes along.

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