Verizon Rolls Out Phone Trade-In Program In 11 States

In what seems like a pilot program meant to gauge public interest and cost effectiveness, Verizon Wireless recently started handing out as much as $300 in credit for used cell phones from prospective customers in some middle-America and southern states.

ZDNet caught wind of the program last month, noting that it’s only live in the Carolinas, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

Customers bring their phone to a Verizon store or kiosk, then receive a gift card that can be used on a purchase or upgrade. Engadget reports non-smartphones are good for $50 gift cards, while store representatives assign value to smartphones on the spot.

There’s no word yet on if or when the program will roll out nationwide.

South rises again with Verizon in-store trade-in program [ZDNet via Engadget]


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  1. Torchwood says:

    Quoting from the original article: “Those trading in their old phone can donate their no-longer-used cell phones to the long-running HopeLine¬Æ program, which collects devices and accessories to benefit victims of domestic violence.”

    Like that there is is a program for victims of domestic violence for old cell phones. Very much dislike domestic violence.

    • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

      Our local women’s shelter will take cell phone donations directly.

  2. Kaleey says:

    When does the credit expire? Do they just load up a gift card and let you walk out, or do you have to spend the money then?

  3. moyawyvern says:

    I am due for an upgrade, have several old cell phones, and live in South Carolina. I might have to try this out.

    • moyawyvern says:

      Okay, I just RTFA, and nothing I have will get me anything. My perfectly good enV got appraised at 0.

      • LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

        I’m right there with you. I’m looking to get an iP4S and my Droid (works well, no issues, just want Siri) was appraised for a whopping $16. What a joke.

  4. enabler says:

    “Some middle-America and southern states”… not to sound pedantic, but IMO these are all southern states. Oklahoma might be a toss up.

  5. ram0029 says:

    When I uprgraded my IPhone 3gs to the 4s a month ago at Best Buy, they asked me if I wanted to trade in my old phone.

    Thinking it would be like $50 dollars or something, I said naw I will keep it in case I need it. The women said really, okay, a 3gs will get you $183 gift card… I handed the phone over pretty quick heh. That was with AT&T, so maybe Verizon looking to compete.

  6. consumeristjohnny says:

    I know Sprint does this. They will put a credit on your account as well.

  7. Kimaroo - 100% Pure Natural Kitteh says:

    I had an HTC Aria (my first Android phone) that I originally paid $99, and when my phone was eligible for an upgrade I shopped around and found that if I sent my phone off to Gazelle they’d give me about 80 dollars for it. I ended up getting my new phone from Amazon for $69 and it’s the HTC Inspire 4G, which is better in every way from my old phone.

    1. Buy smartpone
    2. Sell smartphone to Gazelle
    3. Buy new smartphone for a discount
    4. PROFFIT.

  8. michelelyl says:

    I checked the Verizon website yesterday since I am due for an upgrade in January and I was told that my cute purple Blackberry Curve that is 2 years old is worth…NOTHING. I’m going Gazelle.

  9. Paul in SF says:

    Up to $300? I don’t know what it would take to get that much. I filled out their online form to find out how much they would give me for my Droid X2. They offered me a paltry $60. No thanks, I can do better on eBay.

    • DarthCoven says:

      $46 for my DroidX. I’d rather hang onto it as an emergency backup when I upgrade to a GalaxyNexus in March.

  10. Just Ducky says:

    Having been a customer service representative for Verizon, I know this program has been around for at least a year or more. It’s nothing new, folks. Kindly move along.

  11. agold says:

    Any list (open or super-secret) that tells us how much they are paying for each model?

  12. gman863 says:

    “Thank you for calling USA Prime Verizon phone trade in program, this is Peggy”

    “That right. We give you $300 upfront credit on new phone so you ignore financial reacharound of data overage charge, brass tax fee, thumb tax fee and other ripoffs. We give you $300, you give it back many times over. Marketing genius!”

  13. Dukebruno says:

    As with any promotion run by Verizon, watch ’em like hawks.

    In August Verizon ran two promotions that I jumped on:
    (1) Upgrade to a SmartPhone and receive a $ 100 service credit
    (2) Send in any phone (even non-working) and receive a $ 50 gift card

    For (1) you had to get some sort of emailed redemption code that mysteriously would never arrive, even though Verizon claimed that they had sent it numerous times. Googling revealed others who were also promised the non-existent redemption code. After persistent calls to Verizon the code finally arrived.

    For (2) you had to send in all kinds of paperwork (receipt for the new phone, bar-code from the product box, yada yada yada.) I followed the instructions to the letter. After a few weeks I received a postcard saying that the rebate was denied because I didn’t include the new phone receipt. LIE. I called the number on the postcard and spoke with a guy who brought up scanned images of everything I had mailed in. He looked them over and agreed that all was sent correctly. He clicked on something that approved the rebate.

    Ultimately I received both promotions but if I hadn’t stayed on top of them Verizon would have cheated me out of both.

    Watch ’em!