How To Find Out If 20 Free Games Are Hiding On Your 3DS

If you bought a Nintendo 3DS and visited its online download shop before Aug. 12, you can download 20 free old games. Dubbed the 3DS Ambassador Program, it’s Nintendo’s way of apologizing for overpricing for the device at $250 before slashing it to $170.

Nintendo just made available the last of the 20 downloads it’s giving away to gamers who bought the 3DS when it cost $250. All are old games that were made for the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, and there are some gems included, such as Super Mario Bros., three Zelda games, Mario Kart Advance and Yoshi’s Island. Nintendo will eventually sell the games to other users, but so far they’re only available to “ambassadors.”

Nintendo doesn’t make it easy to find and download the games, but Kotaku is there to walk you through the process. It works like this: Log on to the system’s eShop, click on “settings/other,” then look for “your downloads” under the “history” tab.

From there you should find the 20 games, which you’ll be have to download one-by-one. The games may be free, but you certainly have to pay for them by suffering the tedium of a clunky redemption process.

How to Get 10 Awesome Free GBA Games on Your 3DS, If You’re an ‘Ambassador’ [Kotaku]


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  1. dolemite says:

    I was trying to do this on my little brother’s DS. Whoever created that interface needs to be shot. I’ve not seen many more confusing GUI’s before. Half the time you are wondering “Where am I?”

  2. QuantumCat says:

    The Game Boy Advance titles will be exclusive to “Ambassadors”–they will never be sold in the e-shop. The Nintendo games will eventually be available for purchase by everyone.

    It’s a bit faster if you go through the list and “download later”. Then put your 3DS in suspend mode and it will download them while you’re away. At the very least it saves you the hassle of waiting for each download individually before starting the next.

    • TacoDave says:

      Actually, I did this and they never downloaded. The “gift box” icons were on my “dashboard” but they never progressed past 0%. I had to delete them, then go download each title individually.

      Your mileage may vary.

  3. Kuri says:

    I found them all without a problem, and I was actually pleased with what we got. I expected a lot worse.

  4. Cosmo_Kramer says:

    “The games may be free, but you certainly have to pay for them by suffering the tedium of a clunky redemption process.”

    You mean the same process that would be necessary to download any other game that has been purchased but isn’t currently on your 3DS? Soooooooo hard.

    I don’t even know how you manage to tie your shoes, Phil.

  5. TalKeaton: Every Puzzle Has an Answer! says:

    The process is not that hard. You can go from the home screen to downloading in under a minute. Yes, the interface could use improvement, but it’s really not that bad.

  6. NickJames says:

    Yeah I can see why a 6 year old would have trouble finding them…

    • QuantumCat says:

      It was worse for the original 10 games. It would kick you back to the main screen after you downloaded each game. It wasn’t hard, of course–just extremely tedious.