Customers Must Sign Waiver Before Eating Hot & Spicy "Pasta Plate From Hell"

When a restaurant needs to protect itself from legal action should you harm yourself while eating their food, that’s a clear indication that said cuisine is not meant for the average ingester. Culinary daredevils in Boston sign a waiver before eating the East Coast Grill’s insanely spicy “Pasta Plate from Hell.”

The dish is so spicy, says WBZ-TV, that one man needed an ambulance after passing out from eating it.

Owner Chris S. is the creator of the PPFH, which is on the menu during the restaurant’s Hell Week, and he does his best to bring a challenge to spicy food lovers.

“All the people that like hot and spicy food consider themselves gun slingers and they come looking for trouble,” he said.

One man’s reaction after eating it? “Pain. I can’t breathe. I can’t talk. It tastes good at first. Now I can’t taste anything.”

Sounds delightful! The key to the fiery inferno in your mouth is the Naga pepper, one of the hottest of the pepper family. And for those who can’t take the heat, waiters will bring an orange Popsicle — amidst chants of “wimp” from fellow diners.

*Thanks to Harper for the tip!

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