What Would You Do If You Found $2,500 In The House You Just Bought?

When you buy a house, it’s pretty common to be slapped in the face (or kicked in the butt) by hidden costs. What is less common is stumbling upon a substantial stash of cash.

A dentist in Massachusetts says that when he hired a crew to do some demo work so he could do some office expansion, they stumbled upon about $2,500 in fifty and one hundred dollar bills stuffed into the wall.

“I was looking out the window in between patients and the fellow was pulling the wall apart and the next thing I knew I saw a flutter of money,” the doc tells Boston’s 7News. “It was everywhere and it wasn’t just sitting there. It was in between the plaster and the boards so they had to hand pick it which took about an hour and a half.”

The homeowner says he gave a few hundred dollars of the concealed cash to the men who found it, but when it came to determining what to do with the balance, he decided to contact the building’s former owners.

“There was no question in my mind that it wasn’t my money,” he explains.

The two sisters who had owned the house say they were surprised to hear about the demo crew’s discovery.

“We went through the house pretty good and we thought we found it all,” said one former homeowner, which seems to imply that there was once so substantial an amount of cash stowed in the walls that $2,500 could go unaccounted for without anyone busting out a sledgehammer.

On the new owner’s decision to contact them, she added, “People don’t do that anymore. It’s a rare quality.”

So we wanted to see how rare a quality it is, by asking y’all to tell us honestly what you would do if you’d been in the same situation:

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