No, Really, How Much Does Yogurt Cost At This Kroger?

An anonymous and slightly confused tipster sent in this photo of a cooler filled with ambiguously priced yogurt at a Kroger store. The sign on the left says that yogurt cups are five for $10. The one on the right says that they’re 10 for $5. The latter is the more likely price for little six-ounce store brand yogurts, but we don’t want to rule anything out.

Yes, both signs say 6 ounces and are for the same product. Click to see the original image as it was mailed to us. Was someone not paying attention at this store, or is that some seriously schmancy yogurt on the left?


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  1. Dallas_shopper says:

    Looks like par for the course at my local Kroger. Was this tipster from Dallas by any chance? ;-)

  2. smo0 says:


    I didn’t know they sold yogurt at Target….

    OH WAIT… they’re just taking pricing advice from Target, I see now.

  3. chemmy says:

    elebenty cents each

  4. John says:

    Dunno but DEFINITELY take your yogurt from the RIGHT side.

  5. Hedgy2136 says:


  6. SecretAgentWoman says:

    Nothing to say but CARB MASTER YOGURTS at Kroger ARE THE BOMB!!

    Thank you for reading.

  7. RulesLawyer says:

    Unless you’re required to buy quantity X in order to get them at a certain price, can we please stop pricing things at the store at X-for-$Y? If you’re pricing something at 3-for-$5, and I want to buy just one, and you charge me $1.67 for it, I want my 0.333¬¢ back, dagnabbit.

    In this case, I’ll run with the ridiculous assumption that we’ve got a minimum purchase requirement. If you buy 5, it will cost you $10 (a crazy cost of $2 each). If you buy 10, it will cost you $5 (50¬¢ each). You’re getting a quantity discount. If you only need 5, buy 10 and celebrate the $5 you saved by handing out free yogurt.

    (More than likely, though, if you buy five, it’ll ring up at $2.50 total.)

    • crispyduck13 says:

      I also hate this, because I always have to guess. At my local Giant grocery store the x for y pricing will carry over to a single item, they change the cost in the system so that each product rings up at the reduced price (awesome!). However, when I went to a grocery store in Philly this was not at all the case, you had to buy Y amount of things to get the x for y price.

      It’s just unessecary, just sell stuff at one price and be done with it!

      • mischlep says:

        Sounds like you went to ShopRite. But ShopRite usually clearly marks their shelf tags with “Must purchase quantity stated to receive discount”

        • RulesLawyer says:

          Safeway’s worse — they do both. They had the following confusing offer a couple of weeks ago.

          Note that for my family, Coca-Cola and Safeway Refreshe Cola are fungible — the rumor is that the same local bottler runs both products on the same machinery with the same recipe.

          The ad doesn’t say, but the shelf price for the Coke was $5.99, and the chips, which we were going to buy anyway, were $1.99. What’s the better deal? My math follows, but imagine doing it in the store.

          “12-Pack Coca-Cola, 12-oz. cans. Selected varieties, $BUY 2 GET 2 FREE, Must Buy 4 * PLUS GET 2 FREE bags of The Snack Artist(TM) Chips 8.5 to 13-oz. Selected varieties [shelf price $1.99]. Four (4) participating Coca-Cola 12-packs and two (2) bags of The Snack Artist(TM) Chips must be purchased in a single transaction. Limit two (2) FREE bags of The Snack Artist(TM) Chips per transaction.”

          “12-Pack refreshe(TM) Soda, 12-oz. cans. Selected varieties, 5 for $10, Club Price: $2.00 ea.”

          So with Coke, for the price of two 12-packs (2 x $5.99), you get four 12 packs and two bags of chips. $11.98 total.

          With the Refreshe, for the price of four 12-packs (4 x $2.00), and two bags of chips (2 x $1.99), you get the same thing. $11.98 total.

          I failed the math and bought the Refreshe. No harm, no foul, other than a bad Safeway taste in my mouth several hours later when I figured it all out.

  8. Remarkable Melba Kramer says:

    So did the tipster do anything about it like bring it to someone’s attention or just snap a photo, upload it to consumerist, and move on??

    • Dallas_shopper says:

      At my Kroger it wouldn’t be worth the effort. You’d have to find someone who A.) speaks English, B.) isn’t learning-disabled, and C.) gives a shit.

      Hard to find all three.

      I’m not criticizing the learning-disabled, mind you. However it’s not usually a good idea to have them behind the desk at customer service, however friendly and well-intentioned they may be.

      • crispyduck13 says:

        Beggers can’t be choosers. That is, employers begging people to take a job that allows usually pissed off customers to shit all over them while paying minimum wage can’t be choosey. I wish they could be, totally feel your pain.

        • Dallas_shopper says:

          Yeah, but in this economy you should be able to find someone a bit more clever than someone with obvious Down’s Syndrome. Again, I have NOTHING against the learning-disabled…however, there are limits to what many of them can do and the complexities of the issues brought to them at customer service are often beyond them.

  9. framitz says:

    OP could easily have taken the product to the register and see how much it rings up for instead of making much ado about not much of anything.

  10. axolotl says:

    I love how the yogurt containers look like they were just dumped in there from a giant box

    • shamowfski says:

      Because they were. Have you never been to kroger?

      *personally does all grocery shopping at kroger because they have Tam-X-Ico’s 5 carb tortillas.

      • Dallas_shopper says:

        This. Though I do admit that I have a soft spot for their ‘Active Lifestyle’ instant oatmeal. Nom. Plus their store brand trail mix is pretty good. I hit Kroger maybe once a month to stock up on those things.

        • Dallas_shopper says:

          Dang it, just checked the Kroger weekly circular on-line. Cherries for $3.99/lb and 12 packs of coke 4 for $11. Looks like I’m going to Kroger after work today.

      • snowmentality says:

        I must go to some kind of bizarrely on-the-ball Kroger, because mine always has nice displays…

      • axolotl says:

        No. I don’t think they have them in California.

  11. Cat says:

    Does anyone remember 8 oz yogurt? And they were 3/$1.

    And no, I’m not talking in the 40’s. It was just about 2 years ago.

  12. Maltboy wanders aimlessly through the Uncanny Valley says:

    Just pay what you can afford.

    The Pious Plumber

  13. ZomB says:

    Reminds me of our Kroger carrying their bakery packs of cookies, in which you get 18, and they cost $2.50. In order to emphasize how good a deal that was, there was a sign next to them and a sticker on each one stating “That’s 10 cents per cookie!”

  14. blueman says:

    Oh my God! Somebody made a typo on a sign! Yes, by all means, this is huge news! Boycott Kroger!

  15. augiet65 says:

    Enter text…

  16. Unicorn-Chaser says:

    Fresh yogurt to the left….expired yogurt to the right.

  17. PurplePenquin says:

    “Did the manager say these are $5 for 10 of ’em or $10 for 5?”
    “I can’t remember. Just hurry up and make a sign for each…we gotta clock out in 5 minutes and they’ll write us up if we stay late”

  18. Chairman-Meow says: