Microsoft Wants To Soothe 5 Traumatized Android Users With Free Windows Phones

Do reports of malware on your Android phone have you in a cold sweat? Are dreams of scary phone viruses dancing in your head? Microsoft is taking advantage of those fears and using recent bumps in the road for Android to offer free Windows phones to five Android users with the worst malware horror stories.

PCWorld says Ben Rudolph of Microsoft announced the contest on Twitter with the hashtag #droidrage, and an official announcement soon followed on the Microsoft Twitter page.

The scare came when Google removed 22 apps that were fakes, posing as programs like Angry Birds and other popular titles. Instead of flinging birds about with slingshots, the apps would sling malware into your phone to up SMS costs by about $5 per message.

The scam, dubbed “RuFraud, went down just in Europe, but it still may have spooked American Android users enough to try for one of five free phones.

Feels sort of like that guy who shows up right after your boyfriend cheats on you with a bottle of half-empty tequila.

Microsoft Uses Android Malware Hysteria to Offer Free Windows Phones [PCWorld]

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