6 Weird Things You Probably Don't Have On Your Holiday Wish List

We’re not here to judge, but there are a few things floating around out there on the Internet that you probably won’t have on your wish list. But just in case you are searching for the perfect pre-need cremation package or perhaps an all-in-one ukulele band, this list is for you.

CNNMoney highlights 15 pretty odd and interesting finds from Amazon, all ready and available for purchase should your loved one have a very specific wish this holiday season. Here are a few of our faves from the list:

Duck carcass press: Not meant for use in the typical home, this is a commercial-grade product that will extract all the remaining juices from the bird after it’s been deboned.

“The solid polished brass construction will impress your guests,” the seller says. Unless they happen to be vegetarians, right?

Pre-need cremation package: Smart Cremation had listed its services included a $1,189 kit A ‘pre-need’ cremation kit (urn, transportation, cremation) on Amazon, before it was pulled from the site. A rep for the firm representing Smart Cremation says Amazon didn’t like the buzz around the item and pulled it.

“Amazon said, ‘This is a service, not a product,'” says spokeswoman Lois Whitman. “We are stunned. We will be approaching Amazon again,” Whitman said. “But a few other big-box retailers have said they want to sell our services online.”

Playmobil Security Checkpoint: Isn’t it fun to play like you’re in line at the airport going through a TSA checkpoint? Playmobil thought so at one time, offering this collector’s item set complete with a traveler, metal detector, two security agents and luggage rolling through a scanner.

Wolf Urine: You better be trying to keep deer away with this 100% all natural wolf urine. The other use is to lure wolves… so, Team Jacob? Is that a thing the kids are saying?

Rare Catholic Monstrance: Got $25,000 to spare and need a fancy holder for your Eucharistic hosts? This one has “four very nice Persian Turquoise gems,” among other things. It’s glittery!

Automated ukulele five-piece band machine: This one is going on my list right now. Everyone knows a ukulele needs a backup band. And it’s automated, for only $20,000. Should be a smash hit as the soundtrack at your next game night during charades.

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