Spend Less And Stay Thinner By Making Yourself Better Lunches

“I need to pack my lunch more often” is a favorite phrase of those who spend more than they should on high-calorie lunches most workdays, and continue to do so despite their inner protests. Even if serial lunch-buyers make an effort to pack their lunch for a while, they soon revert to those old ways.

Sense of Cents reasons that the main reason it’s tough to stick with a sack lunch plan is because the meals are often so boring. Rushed decisions made amid the bustle of getting ready for work lead to bland meals that make a trip to a fast food joint seem enticing.

The writer has pledged to test her theory by putting more effort into making her lunches more inventive and diverse to see if she can shake her habit of eating out. With enough forethought, lunchtime can become a treat rather than a burden, drowning out the siren song of fast food.

Do you bring your lunch to work? [Sense of Cents]

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