Plumber Says It's God's Will That His Customers Only Pay What They Can

A plumber in Texas has a very full appointment book these days. That’s because he doesn’t invoice his customers for the sometimes costly work he performs. Instead, he only asks them to pay what they can afford.

Rather than a bill, the plumber, who has more than 15 years of experience, gives his customers a letter that reads, “God wants me to bless you with the gift of my labors.”

He tells CBS Dallas that the idea came to him following a mission trip with his church, but that he didn’t accept the calling right away.

“The Lord planted it in my heart seven years before I was able to tell him yes,” he explains. “I’ve given the letter to people and they’ve just literally broke down crying.”

Of course, as with any pay-what-you-can offer, this means that some people are paying less than they could afford to.

“I’ve been to jobs where I felt, well, maybe they could have afforded more,” he tells CBS. “But I don’t know, maybe they were looking at foreclosure. Everybody needs a toilet to flush.”

But for customers that are indeed facing down tough times, his offer can be a real gift.

“My husband is facing a possible layoff,” says one customer. “I think a lot of families are in that position right now. We pay him what he asks and I know if there’s a day when we can’t he’ll come back and help us.”

As for how he’ll survive without having set prices for his services, the plumber explains, “If you are following God’s will he’s going to take care of you.”

Plano Plumber Offers Services In Good Faith []

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