Recalled Cilantro Has Unintended Bonus Ingredient Of Salmonella



Your salsa may have more of a kick to it than you know. The Food and Drug Administration announced that Pacific International Marketing has recalled 6,141 cartons of cilantro that might have been contaminated with salmonella. Cilantro is often used in salads and salsa.

Salmonella can cause such symptoms as fever, diarrhea, abdominal pain and nausea.

The potentially tainted cartons, which originated from Phoenix, were distributed to retail sellers in Arizona, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Indiana, South Carolina and Missouri.

If you’ve got cilantro labeled “Pacific” that you bought between Nov. 16 and Dec. 10, you can return it to your place of purchase for a refund. UPC codes to look out for are 40695 80104 and 33383 80104. You can also contact Pacific International Marketing at 831-755-1398.

Pacific International Marketing Voluntary Recalls Product Because of Possible Health Risk [Food and Drug Administration]


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  1. Awesome McAwesomeness says:

    When you’re sliding into home
    And your pants are filled with foam
    That’s diarrhea, diarrhea

  2. tungstencoil says:

    I *really* hate cilantro. I’m one of those folks for whom it tastes like caterpillars dipped in soap.

    Not really related, but I thought I’d share.

    • The Porkchop Express says:

      It is one of the those things where people either taste soap or, like me, they taste happiness.

      Very odd though, two options: good or soap.

    • elangomatt says:

      I am right there with you, I’ll take your word for it though on the caterpillars part though. I was more of a earthworm eating kind of kid (just kidding).

      What’s worse is that my grocery store doesn’t seem to understand that cilantro is NOT the same thing as Italian parsley. They don’t have the flat-leaf parsley much of the time because someone decided to stock cilantro in its place since the look somewhat similar.

    • Rebecca K-S says:

      I’m one of the few who managed to switch camps. I used to despise it, but now I put it in a lot of my food.

    • Thyme for an edit button says:

      I like small amounts of it fresh, but if it has been in something canned, it makes everything taste like soap.

    • azgirl says:

      I love the “devil weed” as my friends call it.. but I think the issue here is the quality of the stuff.. I have had some that tastes like soap- but other times it is pure delight.. if you only had the soapy kind, I can see how it would turn you off.. I kind of get that way with tomatoes.. mealy waxy tomatoes are yuck.. but heirloom, organic seldom let me down..

      I know- grow my own! yay!

      • elangomatt says:

        That could be my issue as well. I made some guacamole from scratch a while back (I know, it is easy, I had just not done it before) and it called for cilantro. I normally would just leave it out, but decided to give cilantro another try. The guac was really good and I don’t think it would have been as good if I had left out the cilantro. Other times though, I have had cilantro in some kind of Mexican food that tasted horrible.

    • tsukiotoshi says:

      Yes! I went years before I finally met another person who thought it tasted horrible and vaguely soapish. It’s unfortunate because I love mexican food and depending on the restaurant cilantro can be in everything. Alas!

    • sweaterhogans says:

      Apparently this is more common than I thought. A lot of people are genetically predisposed to have this problem (though it seems to be mostly people of European descent). I think I’d die without cilantro. No Thai or Mexican food?!! LOVE IT. Sorry for you guys, you’re missing out on a great thing.

    • diagoro says:

      One of the few foods which causes me to retch almost immediately. All it takes is the scent.

      Was dating a Vietnamese girl, and went to her house for dinner. They had eggrolls…….but wrapped in large cilantro leaves. Let’s just say I nearly made a scene in front of the family.

  3. PLATTWORX says:

    I agree. Cilantro is from the gardens of hell. Just a hint of it in any dish and I need to rinse my mouth out to avoid becoming ill. Hate. Hate. Hate it.

  4. wryknow says:

    I use cilantro almost daily (beans, rice, pico, soups etc) so I purchase it often.
    But I cannot for the life of me remember ever seeing it being sold in a carton or packaging of any sort. Weird.

    • Misha says:

      The cartons are how the individual bunches were shipped to the retailers – but the twist-tie style labels wrapped around the bunch will also say “Pacific.”

  5. crispyduck13 says:

    As a person who loves cilantro and eats it in raw form in many dishes, this freaks me out. Now that I have my own house with lots of land I am definitely planting a garden in the spring to grow all my greenery.
    I’m sick of all these recalls: lettuce, tomatoes, etc. My whole salad bowl is theoretically covered in poo vinegarette.

    • dapm366 says:

      The entire world is covered in said stuff. Give yourself or one of your kids a tiny tiny bit of dye in their food…..wait a couple days and then run a blacklight around your house. It wil be everywhere.

      Try it and see…really.

  6. Difdi says:

    I have this image of a big vat of salmonella in every food processing plant. “Oops, someone flipped the wrong switch on the mixer again, time for another product recall.”

    I know that’s not what’s going on, but the frequency of the problem occurring these days makes you wonder…