Tresemme Customers Are Really Mad About Not Getting Free Samples

Oh my. Tresemme, purveyors of shampoo, conditioner and other hair-related items, has a lot of dedicated customers — or at least, a lot of customers who really wanted free samples and are now foaming at the mouth in anger over not getting them.

Tresemme, or, excuse us, TRESemmé, has been busy on its Facebook page apologizing to furious customers, after a marketing campaign targeted at only 500 email subscribers went viral.

The original apology post on Facebook yesterday explains the situation, with a tidy sum of almost 400 comments below it. Most of those are customers complaining, or fighting with each other, with a few more apologies sprinkled in from TRESemmé.

TRESemmé would like to extend our apologies to those who recently signed up for free samples. Unfortunately, that offer was part of a small market research program that was sent to a group of 500 email subscribers, but it ended up going viral and was inadvertently reposted to our Facebook page. As noted on the sign up page, these samples will only be available to those who were sent an email. Thank you for understanding.

In a follow-up post, they add that they’re going to try to give people something for the terrible inconvenience of not spending a few dollars to buy shampoo.

Hey, everyone, we’re really sorry again about the samples. We know a lot of you are upset about it, and we understand why, but there is a light at the end of this tunnel. We’re looking into a way to make things right with all of you who requested a sample.
Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns. Everyone who emailed us, stay tuned. We’ll get back to you shortly.

Let us know if you’ve been denied free samples, and whether TRESemm√©’s makegood is any good.

*Thanks to Consumerist reader Alex for the tip!

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