World's Biggest iPod Dock Is 8 Feet Wide, Costs $30,000

Friends and family keep asking me what I want for Christmas, and I was at a loss until yesterday afternoon. That was when I learned of the existence of the Behringer iNuke Boom, which appears to be the world’s biggest iPod dock. It’s eight feet wide, four feet tall, weighs 700 pounds, and would serve as my ultimate weapon in the 4 AM noise war against my college student neighbors.

Where could this thing be used? It’s the perfect fusion of portable and not-all-that-portable technology.

Maybe the creation of this product is just a ploy to get journalists to take pictures of themselves standing next to it at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show. Like the world’s largest ball of twine, but for gadget nerds.

The iNuke Boom isn’t available to the public yet, but will cost $30,000.

Introducing EUROSOUND: Our New Consumer Electronics Line! [Behringer] (via Engadget – thanks, Charlton!)

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