Tips For Keeping Your Tires On The Road During A Rain Storm

When roads get wet, the danger level increases significantly. Fast, careless driving can cause you to skid and hydroplane, risking your own life as well as that of anyone who’s on the road with you. suggests techniques to drive more safely in the rain:

* Drive slower and use brakes lightly in order to avoid locking the wheels.

* Try to follow in tracks made by cars in front of you while maintaining a safe following distance.

* When hydroplaning, ease off the gas and use your brakes normally rather than pumping them as your high school driver’s ed teacher might have recommended. Antilock brakes pump your brakes automatically for you.

In general, just drive slower and more carefully, expecting everyone around you to disregard those rules and careen into you at any moment.

Skidding and Hydroplaning in Rainy Conditions []

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