ATM Company Testing Out Displaying Ads Instead Of Charging Fees

ATM fees are the bane of anyone who hates flushing $2 or $3 down the drain just to gain access to their own money. Going off the idea that any money-loving American would rather see an ad displayed during their transaction than pay an obligatory fee, one ATM company is conducting an interesting experiment. reports on a company called Free ATMs NYC, which is testing out such an experience at a music venue in New York City. Anyone can make a fee-free withdrawal, but a 15-inch ad appears during the transaction. After you get your money, you also get a receipt and a coupon for a deal at a business nearby.

This could really take off, as a survey cited by Time says 77% of Americans disagree with ATM fees, and 56% said the right amount to charge for an ATM transaction is $0.

Of course, even if you do use the Free ATMs NYC machine, your bank may still charge you for using a non-affiliated machine. But that’s still a savings of a few bucks per transaction. The company hopes to roll out more machines throughout the city and the rest of the U.S. eventually.

Advertising at New York City ATM Allows Bank Customers to Access Their Money Fee-Free [Time]

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