Armored Car Sprinkles $200K In Cash On Pennsylvania Highway

Pennies may not actually fall from heaven (and if they did, we would advise that you not try to catch them, because… ouch) but paper money does fall out of the back of an armored car.

This is the lesson being learned by the driver of an armored car in Pennsylvania, who somehow didn’t know that his rear door had flown open and dropped somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 on the road.

The driver was en route to a West View Savings Bank when a motorist in another vehicle directed his attention to the trail of money bags (which we assume have a huge “$” on them) being left on the road behind him

There is no exact figure on how much was lost in the gaffe, though one news station reports that “well into six figures” was still unaccounted for and a second local news story claims that only $400 of the spilled cash was recovered at the site.

“I turned around, and money was all over the street,” one witness tells WPXI-TV. “By the time I turned around, most of that money was already gone. It’s pretty amazing to begin with. Cars were stopping. People were everywhere.”

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