Poll: Americans Dread Being Nice This Time Of Year

Leave it up to our smarter big siblings at Consumer Reports, to tap into the real, annoyed core feelings of America in its most festive season. According to a new poll they conducted, many of us dread having to be nice during the holidays. Shocking!

Forget being cheery and smiling for Santa Claus, Consumer Reports’ holiday jeer survey says 35 million of us don’t look forward to smiling and being nice while standing in line, talking to family over turkeys and hams, spending money and gaining the inevitable winter weight.

According to the national poll, 90 percent listed at least one thing they dreaded about the supposedly jolliest of seasons, Consumer Reports notes.

“For all the chatter about nostalgia, family fun and gift giving this time of year, many people don’t like too much of a good thing,” said Tod Marks, senior editor at Consumer Reports.

Besides being social at holiday parties and getting into debt from buying gifts, one in four Americans really don’t like carols and other seasonal songs.

Say it all together now: Bah, humbug!

American’s top holiday dreads — being nice makes the list [Consumer Reports]

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