Amazon Will Take A $175 Book Off Your Hands For 32 Cents

We’re not exactly sure we understand Amazon’s rationale in offering to buy a book for $0.32 and also listing others of its kind at $175. Seems a little wonky, no?

Consumerist reader Revy points out an odd pricing situation, which is additionally weird as it involves Al Yankovic’s biography, The Authorized Al.

Clicking on the item in question on Amazon’s site shows it as being available new and used from various vendors starting at $175. There’s even an offer of collectible versions for $299. But if you have a copy to trade in to Amazon, well, sit down for this one — you can get a $0.32 gift card!

Revy writes that inspiration came from reality show Pawn Stars, were one associate, Rick, paid $100 more for the item than the highest online listed price.

We just want to know who is willing to pay that much for a Weird Al book. That is the most troubling aspect of this story.

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