Sam's Club Pulls Lego Bible Due To Complaints

The author of The Brick Bible, which uses Lego blocks to tell biblical stories, says Sam’s Club has yanked his product from shelves because customers complained it is too vulgar and violent. He says he feels as though he’s being singled out because his book simply contains literal depictions of Bible stories.

Sam’s Club defended its move in a statement released to CNET:

“We offered the print version only of ‘The Brick Bible’ in our clubs….Sam’s Club received numerous concerns from our members and parents about the mature content in what is perceived as a children’s book. Accordingly, Sam’s Club made a business decision to discontinue sales.”

The author said he and his publisher edited the book to Sam’s Club’s liking to get the retailer to place a larger order, removing pictures of Lego figures in sexual poses. Sam’s Club denies having requested the adjustments.

While retailers have the right to stock whatever they choose, it’s always disappointing to see what can be construed as a form of censorship limit shoppers’ choices.

Disclosure: Skyhorse Publishing, which published The Brick Bible, published a book I wrote in 2009.

‘Brick’ breaker: Lego bible too racy for Sam’s Club [CNET via Slashdot]

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