Protect Your Dog By Denying Him Turkey Bones

No matter how longingly Fido looks at you as you devour Thanksgiving leftovers, you owe it to him do deny him a turkey drumstick. Cooked bones, especially from birds, are brittle and splinter easily, potentially causing a variety of problems for hungry pets who chomp on them.

Pet Care Tips catalogs the many reasons to keep turkey bones away from dogs. They can chip teeth, puncture intestines and obstruct the digestive process, leading to high vet bills and possibly death.

If you or a visitor violated this rule of responsible pet ownership, keep a careful eye on your dog for the next day or so. If you notice vomiting, blood in the stool or a suspicious lack of any stool at all, take him to the vet.

The Danger of Feeding Bones to your Dog [Pet Care Tips]

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