Get Closer To Goals By Matching Them To Income Sources

It’s easy to dream up lofty financial goals, but tough to scratch up the money to make them happen. One way to make wishes more realistic is to link particular sources of income to each aspiration.

Budgets Are Sexy explains the planning method with a generic list, suggesting using your main job to pay the rent, a weekend job to buy a car and a dog-walking side gig to pay for a vacation.

Sticking with the discipline it takes to use your income in such a structured manner might make it take longer to buy the things you want, but at least this way you won’t let yourself slide into debt by getting everything you want immediately. It can also help you place things into perspective. For instance, if you notice that you won’t be able to buy your car for 15 more years with the income you’re generating from your side job, you’ll need to either ditch the goal or find a weekend job that pays better.

Gigs for Goals – My New Favorite Mindset! [Budgets Are Sexy]