3 Types Of Hopeless Job Applicants

When you’re applying for a job, you can make the hiring manager’s job easier by making a mistake that immediately eliminates you from contention. Oblivious, lazy behaviors can knock you out before you even get into the ring.

Money Under 30 describes several types of job applicants who’ve got no shot. Here are three categories you should promise never to let yourself fall into:

* Blind squirrels. Scavengers who indiscriminately apply for every job a company is offering make themselves hard to take seriously. In order not to seem like a spammer, target your applications to specific positions you want.

* Sloths. Managers can spot half-hearted applications with ease. Lazy, form-letter-like — or nonexisitent — cover letters and generic resume wording prove you exert minimal effort.

* Ignoramuses. When it comes time for an interview, these folks know laughably little about the job or the company. Blatant cluelessness is a sign that you’re not taking the opportunity seriously.

How Not To Suck at Applying for a Job [Money Under 30]

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