Some Private Colleges Are Actually Lowering Tuition

As everything else seems to be getting more expensive, including the cost of education at most colleges, there are a few places of learning actually cutting the price of tuition for those who want a private school experience.

CNNMoney runs through a list of five such establishments, with most slashing tuition and fees by over 10 percent, or even 60 percent in one case.

Seaton Hall University: This private South Orange, N.J. school with 5,300 students has lopped 61% off their tuition for students who meet certain conditions, for a grand total of $12,154 starting in fall 2012 for tuition and fees. Applicants must be in the top 10% of their high school class and have either an ACT score of 27 or higher or a combined SAT of 1200 on reading and math. The offer is an attempt to compete with nearby, cheaper Rutgers.

University of Charleston: Located in Charleston, West Va., this private university of 1,400 students is offering a new price of $19,500 for total tuition and fees, down 22% from its previous cost in fall 2012. Returning students will still be paying $25,500, technically, but the school has pledged to hand out $6,000 in aid to each student to make up for the price difference.

Of course, it’s worth it to note that the aforementioned schools are all private schools, which are usually more expensive than public colleges to begin with. Check out the complete list of cheaper schools on CNNMoney.

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